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Street Photography In Munich

/ street photography, tourists

I spent a few days in Munich, Germany this easter. Here are a few shots I took.

Surfers on the Eisbachwelle, a man made fresh water wave in downtown Munich Tourists take selfies on top of the Olympic Tower, Munich Tourists in Nymphenburg Palace, Munich A woman in the foreground is studyin her phone, while someone is afraid of falling down in the background Someone dressed up as a McDonalds clown greeting av very skeptical small dog, Munich A group of well set men laughing while dressed in lederhosen standing on the loading deck of a van. In the foreground a homeless person and his dog watches on, Munich An older woman and an older man discussing on the streets. The older woman looks directly into the camera while gesticulating, Munich A man flipping me the bird while he walked by a large mural of a dangerous snow man, Munich Silhouette of a photographer in the foreground with a couple in the background, Munich Lovers or friends sitting on the Hacker bridge whatching the sunset, Munich A man walking on the banks of Isar taken from above in black and white, Munich Two elderly women studying the result of a recent selfie they've taken, Munich A tourist sitting on the edge of a water fountaing while wearing a hat, Munich