Weird border – work in progress photos from Svinesund in Sweden

Norwegians love shopping in Sweden. Certain types of food, alcohol, tobacco and sugary drinks are cheaper in Sweden because they have a different tax system. This means that many Norwegians cross the border to shop for cheap food.

Mats Halvorsen in full figure, standing in front of building. There's snow on the ground. The building is mostly an ugly green colour, but has a blue line at the bottom.
Mats Halvorsen posing in front of an ugly building in Svinesund, Sweden.

Svinesund in Sweden is one such place, and has been since 1982. Here you can buy everything your Norwegian heart desires for well below Norwegian prices. Mats Halvorsen and I took a trip to Svinesund to document the place.

Here are some photos I took:

We envision this as the start of a project that could last several years. The border between Norway and Sweden has only been a formality since 1954, when the passport requirement was removed and people could move freely between the countries

Nevertheless, it is a border that has been there for quite some time. The border has some strange places, like this one:

A screen grab from Google Maps showing the border between Norway and Sweden. The border is a straight line, except when the border cuts a chunk out of Norway and a house. The pople living there at the time the border was drawn, probably didn't want to be Norwegians.
The border between Norway and Sweden is sometimes a bit weird. Facsimile: Google Maps

This discovery led me to contact Mats, wondering if he wanted to join a project to document the border. Svinesund was the start.

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